The Foundation Painting Year: Athy P, Inna Duckworth, Maya Eidemak & Tanya Goodman Bailey - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

The Foundation Painting Year: Athy P, Inna Duckworth, Maya Eidemak & Tanya Goodman Bailey

Fri, 08/14/2020 to Sun, 01/31/2021

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The Foundation Painting Year is a practical course which aims to immerse the student in all aspects of painting, learning a broad range of painting materials, methods and ideas. Tutors: Guy Allott, Jennifer Campbell and Sikelela Owen

I have been drawing and making abstract paintings for a number of years.

I heard a number of good things about ESOP and joined to improve my painting presentation, repertoire and technical skills.

Born in Chukotka, Russia.
I have never had a formal art education, apart from ESOP. When at school as a child in Russia, having failed the art teacher’s test to draw a realistic specimen of classical Greek pillar clay model, the art was never a consideration for me, until in my early twenties, I found that not only I was interested in learning about visual art, but had something to express myself.
From there my journey began, I had learned from many esteemed Russian artists who offered classes for adults, then in London did a 3 months Life Drawing program in Saint Martin’s and attended life drawing sessions. After a long break, my “Foundation Year in Painting” with ESOP was a breath of fresh air. I hope to carry on exploring the dialogue between the paper and the paint.
I would like to create enigmatic dreamscapes, with complex geometry and textures, where subject matter - objects and/or subjects are just triggers to unveil the recollection of a dream. Like when you are aware that you had a dream, but totally forgot what it was and then during the day a random word or scene would open the gates to allow the feelings and recollections into the light of consciousness, making you wonder what it was, why did this space exist in the twilight of your dream.

I am currently experimenting with my artistic style which is why my pieces are quite different from one another. I have found that my favourite medium to use is oil because I like the way it applies and blends. I also like to use a lot of colour especially pinks and purples because I think it makes the work visually more exciting.

Tanya is curious as to how ideas, memories and feelings shape paint. There may be an initial sketch or idea, but the painting will shape itself.

Less interested in the intellect’s response, her wish is to elicit a more traceable, visceral engagement with her work. There is a satisfaction for having spent time on one’s own sensorial engagement, rather than, or as well as, looking for the story in a picture. Some days (or paintings) this embodied form of art appreciation is easy and other days (or paintings) it may feel like having to train oneself to reconnect.

Raised in a house with a print of The Sheep by Franz Marc in her Austrian Jewish grandmother’s bedroom, it is not surprising that her work so far shows nods to the magical realism of German expressionism.

A former yoga teacher and biodynamic craniosacral therapist, Tanya stopped work in 2017 and initially began to paint as a form of convalescence. She presently volunteers at the Courtauld Institute on their photographic digitisation project and is looking forward to her 2nd year at The Essential School of Painting in September.

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