Hopperiana - 3D virtual exhibition by Photology


Tue, 12/01/2020 to Sun, 02/28/2021

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Alienation. Solitude. Silence. Absence.

Artworks by Hopper depict a metaphysic reality, and its living characters are constantly stirring between a will to survive and an inability to exist.
A surreal and uninhabited world made of urban landscapes and home interiors, where a yearning and poetic feeling hovers in the air, communicating a strong sense of anxiety.

A Hopper photographic eye which made him become an irreplaceable icon of contemporary art and a true inspiration for many artists. Among all, photo artists such as Luca Campigotto, Gregory Crewdson, Franco Fontana and Richard Tuschman.

As in many Hopper paintings, silence pervades their photography. The scene is often crowdless, seldom some lonely figures appear with a dramatic strangeness and incommunicability.
Photographers build up their staged visions recreating the same Hopper pathos.
Among our selected artists we can view a typical example in feminine figures where they are represented detached from reality and fixing the void. They seem ethereal, inaccessible and lost in their own thoughts, representing a sort of a displacement in our society.

Due to a global pandemic and despite a different form, nowadays we all find ourselves in social isolation. We we all live in a Hopperiana screenplay and suddenly what was being devised as a cultural metaphor and an artistic omen with the work by Luca Campigotto, Gregory Crewdson, Franco Fontana and Richard Tuschman, is now reality.

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