Intuitive Abstraction: Iesha Denize Ledeatte & Ivan Tan - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

Intuitive Abstraction: Iesha Denize Ledeatte & Ivan Tan

Fri, 08/14/2020 to Sun, 01/31/2021

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Intuitive Abstraction: Process and Narrative is taught by Alexander James Pollard and Johanna Melvin. The course consists of full immersive days incorporating experimentation, playfulness, technical guidance and discussion designed to develop students as abstract painters.

I was born and grew up in Malaysia with Chinese parentage. I came to UK to further my higher education. Since qualifying as an accountant and working in the City for many years, I only started painting three years ago. My previous employer relocated its administrative operations back to Germany, I seized the opportunity to re assess the direction of my life. I got to know The ESOP through a good friend who encouraged me to enrol in the beginner course in painting run by the school. This first art course I attended has totally changed my way of looking at things and ignited my desire to create. Before the course, I had never painted and had no clue as to how to hold a brush. Through the patient guiding of my art teacher, I have discovered the joy of painting.

I have since been to many other art classes and am continuously doing so to learn new techniques to incorporate into my work. Having immersed myself in figurative work for the past two and half years with some success, I was ready to explore and expand my vocabulary of visual language. The abstract painting course I attended recently with ESOP helped to free me from the representational art I was previously in. During the lockdown I have been learning and practising Chinese calligraphy and painting, in doing so I realised that I could incorporate my heritage into my work.

Traditional Chinese painting is less about describing the real physical world, and more about illustrating a mental state, a spirit and eternity. It has to do with traditional philosophy: life goes round like a circle, coming and going again and again. Whatever happens in one day doesn’t matter that much. The first two pieces of my work are my attempts to incorporate these elements and meshed them with the western painting techniques.

Chinese written language was evolved and developed thousands of years ago through a series of picture grams. My three other works are developed from two Chinese characters - Rule and happiness. The first piece ‘ loop - holes’ has been developed from the Chinese character ‘rule/regulation’. The other two works are developed from the character ‘happiness’ ; by putting the same character facing each other, it depicts the ‘double happiness’ a symbol commonly used at Chinese weddings.

There are at least eight thousands characters in use by the Chinese community all around the world and new characters continue to be created and developed, I am really excited about the possibilities and direction of my future work.

Peach Mango Maverick
An artist’s practice- led enquiry, chronicling the artist’s journeying as researcher. Peach Mango Maverick explores the philosophies which underpin our perceptions in the contemporary. As a child, I loved stories and have pursued this passion into adulthood through dance, theatre and film.

My earliest stories were West Indian and West African Anansi stories along with tales of my parent’s childhood adventures. Growing up in Britain added Hans Christian Anderson, Ruth Manning Saunders and later Chaucer, weaving a tapestry of rich, different perspectives.

Stories conjure imagery from words in any language so thus developed my equal fascination with text and image reflected throughout my earliest work. HiStory to me is the body of narratives which nations choose to tell themselves about who they are, I am continually intrigued about the stories people tell themselves about what they have done and the reasons why.

My signature process of Grande Visual Narrative’ germinates theme through semantic excavation and research; this then followed by a period of gestation and finally the visual recording of abstract accouchement into a Fine Art Book as a canvas, using art as storytelling.

About the artist

Following an absence of 35 years from the Arts, I responded artistically to the myopic Wilberforce Abolition Bicentenary celebration in 2007 out of frustration. The death of my father blew fresh impetus into my work as I recognised the significant link between the two events. A 10 year journey of artistic voice recovery followed, slowly emerging from its cocoon, punctuated by my mother’s recent death which sealed the loss of a generation.

My passion for social change and innovation in art is reflected in everything. I have studied at Croydon College of Art and Design, City Lit, Putney School of Art, Kofi Arts and The Essential School of Painting. I am a recipient and alumni of Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network British & European awards for creativity and social change, a British Innovation Society award recipient and a former Fellow of the RSA. My work has been accepted for presentation at a number of academic conferences both in the UK and abroad and I contributed to the final chapter of the Handbook of Postcolonial Politics which was published by Routledge in 2018.

Work in progress
The Trilogy...
Challenged by the manner in which humanity responds to questions of my heritage and history. My present work in progress continues the exploration whilst cultivating the seeds of another language of discussion and reframing, building upon on an existing foundation of artistic expression, cross fertilised by combined African Diasporic lived experiences. ‘The Trilogy’ which is currently exploring the legacy of colonisation, is now nearing conclusion. It includes work in progress; African Violet ...Hybrid of Circumstance the impetus for rebuilding my artistic infrastructure and emergence of my artistic language which culminates in ArtBook as a repository. ‘MayBrex’ and ‘Before the Ships’ as other parts of the Trilogy.
Other work in the pipeline is exploring the equation of Human Essence over Human Being.

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