Mind the Gap - 3D virtual exhibition by Malcolm

Mind the Gap

In Mind the Gap, I wander as a flaneur. Observing and exploring those spaces which are often overlooked, trying to understand the world around me and contemplate themes of transition, remembrance and the everyday. My work situates itself in urban spaces, most unloved and often neglected. Through repeated journeys on walks in the urban environment, observing and recording, keeping a visual record of the stories revealed to me by the situation presented. The images created, impart a sense of isolation, even alienation with the conscious exclusion of the human form, they show only the residual of our existence. With these traces they create a narrative for the viewer, built from their own memories and past experiences. The work is informed by the psychological, social and political influences of the space upon its occupants over time. Revealing a fragmented landscape, reflecting the constant transitory state of these urban spaces and everyday life.

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