"Beyond The Night" Mixed Media paintinsgs by Sylvie Gedda - 3D virtual exhibtion by Artd4

"Beyond The Night" Mixed Media paintinsgs by Sylvie Gedda

Mon, 04/15/2019 to Tue, 04/30/2019

"I work with inks and pigments in the thickness of epoxy resin cast on canvas or wood.

I always start with the manufacturing and colour dosage.

I don't wonder what I want to tell, I have a visceral need to say in colour.

The resin having proved its worth (paintings on synthetic glass installed outside) I use the same technique on canvas. My experience on synthetic glass allows me to anticipate the effects produced, to be able to drive them and to control them.

I work on the shades, the degrees of depth of each color I use. I also combine different techniques: reworked stains, overlapping of several colours before drying, line work.

My sources of inspiration are inspired by Nature in the broadest sense of the word: cosmic, microcosmic, terrestrial, aquatic, human. I'm interested in life.

The canvas can be framed, American box or wood frame." Sylvia Gedda

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