EMERGING ART FROM WAR-TORN SYRIA: WAR & HOPE - 3D virtual exhibition by ArtServe, Inc


Tue, 09/01/2020 to Fri, 10/23/2020

curated by:

Presented in collaboration with Syrian-American Artist and Curator Tony Khawam, this exhibition showcases contemporary works by Syrian and Syrian-American artists who began a new phase of their careers by creating work in response to the recent impact of war on their nation.

Primarily composed of paintings for the 21st Century, the exhibition weaves together images of physical and virtual worlds, memories, and emotions that collectively emerge as an intimate testimony of human suffering and resilience.

These artists are deeply rooted in their country’s heritage and rich cultural traditions and assimilate the achievements of Western Modernism (art & philosophical movement) in their expressive representation of the human body, and urban architecture. Although not directly political, their works manifest the impact of the war on their styles and compositions; and are testimonies of survival, whether spiritual or physical, in times of conflict.

Some of the exhibiting artists emigrated to the U.S., Europe, or neighboring countries, others still live in Syria, and work as professors in the faculties of art in Damascus and Aleppo.

There are many fine examples of the outpouring of Syrian culture which has proved itself to be both resilient to the culture of death and a passionate expression of desire for the culture of life and hope.

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