The Art in Nature, Land Sea and Sky. - 3D virtual exhibition by Gemma Ryder

The Art in Nature, Land Sea and Sky.

Mon, 07/27/2020 to Mon, 08/31/2020

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My FMF project is called The Art in Nature, Land Sea and Sky, which explores the Art within the Landscape to create an emotional attachment and appreciation to the environment around you.
Nature is an element which is both all around us, and deep within us, we are deeply connected to life both physically and mentally. The secure connection between Art and Nature has existed since early humans illustrated their first drawings onto the walls within caves. As a muse, Mother Nature could not possibly be more inspirational. In my photographs, I try and capture the light within the scenery to create drama and an emotional connection. The light within the Landscape is an aspect that can define both time and emotions. As an Art and Photography Teacher, both subjects are essential to me, and I cannot help but view the world around me in a different light. The collection of photographs I have taken for my Final Major Project are a personal investigation that investigates the relationship between Art and Nature using the land, sea and sky for inspiration. The decision to study MA Photography was to help me rebuild and develop as a person and as well as a photographer. I am passionate about teaching and learning, and one of my main goals is to encourage others to be creative and explore the world around them. I do class myself very fortunate that the area in which I live in is both urban and countryside. The Kent County is in the South East and is the home to many beautiful locations, and I hope my project, The Art in Nature, Land Sea and Sky demonstrates my love for nature and encourages others to go outside and explore.

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