FOCUS | GIORGIO BEVIGNANI - 3D virtual exhibition by Galleria Stefano Forni


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Galleria Stefano Forni

Galleria Stefano Forni (Piazza Cavour, 2 - Bologna) presents FOCUS, a series of in-depth events on the work of its artists, to which a space in the gallery will be periodically dedicated, a focus through which we can emphasize elements of research and language of each one.

The artist on which we focus our attention is GIORGIO BEVIGNANI.

Bevignani approaches art in terms of those who feel and make art. Even though he starts from a philosophical thought, which has the power to turn into the genius of the idea, he needs to use matter through the action of the body; the first action corresponds to the first sign, the body becomes gestural and protagonist and achieves a rhythm, recognizable for example, in the coats of silicone, in the layered rhythm with a surprising result. The dialogue between the thought and the action is supported by will, reiteration, research, and the overall effect is the result.

Giorgio Bevignani was born in Città di Castello in 1955, lives and works in Castel San Pietro (Bologna)

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