NU (Νν) 2020 - TERESE ANDERSSON - 3D virtual exhibition by Terese Andersson


Mon, 07/13/2020 to Thu, 12/31/2020

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NU (Νν) is the 13th Greek Alphabet Letter and in Greek Numerals has the value of 50.
Freedom of perceptual prejudice and preconception of past historical spiritual bondage and slavery of mankind. Spiritual beings, souls, being captivated in the human physical body, until final release, to universal collective union, heaven.
NU (Νν) is symbolizing, with its 13th sequenced order, a "Happy Number" in number theory, as well the age of celebrating Bar Mitzvah and in tarot decks, XIII is the card of Death.
NU (Νν) is celebrating death of the old and embracing the new of what is coming.

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