Portraits in Refuge - 3D virtual exhibition by Unbound Visual Arts

Portraits in Refuge

Wed, 07/22/2020 to Fri, 10/30/2020

curated by:

Portraits in Refuge
Presented and organized by Unbound Visual Arts
Curator: Karen Smigliani

Exhibition Coordinator:: John Quatrale Exhibition Assistance: Sofija Chroneos, Rachel Hargraves, Julia Marcantonio, Sequoya Molzan, Cynthia Bryndis Schilling

Fifteen artists share expressions of isolation, anxiety, peace, beauty and optimism during our pandemic.

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Here is a sampling of statements from the artists:

Nancer Ballard: Most of all, this time has reaffirmed my conviction that there is no room for “othering” in “us;” we are all in this together.

Anita Helen Cohen: Even though [my] paintings represent 'shelter and calm', there is also movement and chaos in the water.

April Jakubec: [My] portraits with hidden eyes take on extra meaning during this time of isolation and fighting for equality, representing feelings of being “unseen”.

Madeline Lee: With the inability to go many places aside from where I live, I've found myself paying more attention to the spaces I inhabit, noticing my surroundings.

Niki Li: By immersing myself in art making and contemplation, I managed to find the light and power within myself.

Cesar Rodrigues: [My] paintings may seem chaotic at first glance, like the times we are in, but when you really sit back and look you begin to see the beauty.

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