Reflection of US - 3D virtual exhibition by El Comalito Collective

Reflection of US

The intention of the artwork that I am currently creating illustrates who we are as individuals, as a society and as a nation. I use art to express my individuality, my identity - but also to connect with others who might relate to the shared experience, culture and identity expressed in my artwork. The artwork and the process of creating allows me to take a look inside my core, reflect and see how and where I fit within contemporary art and culture.

My body of work is a documentation of moments and sacrifices my parents have had to endure to afford myself and my siblings resources and opportunities to have the life we have. I am reminded everyday of the hardships my parents went through that eventually afforded me the ability to actively pursue and accomplish my own dreams. I create with a weight of guilt that comes from knowing I will never have to endure the struggle or make the type of sacrifices they did. This guilt pushes me to work on my art just as hard as they did to give me a better life.

I've always had problems communicating with my parents. It is not that we speak different languages, it is a difference in communication style. Instinctively I have always drawn my emotions; my parents showed me love by their actions - we did not have open, candid conversations. Art is an action and art is a medium to communicate without words. I am using my creativity to further understand my parents actions and also to understand myself because I know that I am a reflection of them.

My layers of paint, color, and movements, are an imitation of their movements and energy. I use earth tones in my artwork, but there is always a brightness to my main subject serving as a way to enlighten what may often be ignored. My content consists of labor, the tools used to work, nature that is nourished and ultimately the struggle of migrants and the first few generations of Americans (children of migrants) also known as America's backbone and most recently coined as "Essential workers". I believe that our work and tools are a reflection of our identities. My artwork is never smoothly painted and I want my viewer to want to touch the art. I am not making artwork that is just aesthetically pleasing, I’m creating art that impacts how we see those around us.

- edited by Karen Tafoya-Delgado

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