Tue, 07/21/2020 to Wed, 07/21/2021

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Mourning Clothes is a photography project by artist Emezie Asogwa that remembers the many lives that were lost in the Anglo-Igbo conflict that raged between 1883 and 1914. Expressed within the frames of 20 photographs, the project fuses archival materials with newly shot photographs that speak to the need to rescue an overlooked history from the noose of functional subjugation.
Ekumeku war was waged between the British army and the Igbos of southeastern Nigeria for approximately 31 years. In that encounter, numerous undocumented lives were lost in a series of punitive expeditions and massacres that occurred as a result of the people’s resistance of Britain’s quest at conquering the local communities and bringing them under imperial control. Mourning Clothes seeks to commemorate this experience and draw attention to an important history which appears to have been overlooked for too long. This project transcends the war’s events and depictions to situate this narrative within the contexts of mourning, memory and meaning. It is intended to make an audience recall, evoke, think and perceive something beyond itself, and hopefully direct attention to larger issues.
Emezie Asogwa is a burgeoning Nigerian artist who is interested in engaging archival materials and interrogating hidden narratives. His recent practice is predicated on the conviction that the photographic image and the histories in which it is embedded open up space for other ways of thinking about the past.

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