Fun Contemporary Visionary --- The Power of Things - 3D virtual exhibition by DeGard

Fun Contemporary Visionary --- The Power of Things

Wed, 10/21/2020 to Sat, 10/21/2023

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Drip : Still Lifes is a joy filled, inspirational exhibition designed to fill the viewer with wonder, pleasure, a hope for life. We hope it works!

Objects carry ‘aura’, or a presence. It is incredible to consider that an object can carry an aura. Everyone can point their minds to a specific item or natural element which holds desirability for them; from a flower, to a photograph, clothes or cars. Why, for some are sneakers so loved? How can this fabric and plastics moulded hold so much resonance? Why do designer brands have such a pull, a magnetism for some people?

Why do we crave them? Why do some people love McDonald’s? Why has Barbie become so iconic for feminist principles and sustained itself as a brand? Why is a ‘real’ Louis Vuitton bag so much more desirable than an identical ‘fake’? Why do we love some paintings, sculptures above others? Why have some companies become so iconic and continued for so many years when so many others have collapsed? What about our items which we choose to call personal – what is it about that photo that makes it personal?

Degard says, “I have a photo of my grandparents which I have turned into a painting and then reworked to discover its auric energy. This photo’s life energy, of my long lost and loved grandparents is so meaningful to our family. My Grandma and Grandpa looking radiant on their wedding day. I wanted to reveal the life energies in this photo – bring them back to life.”

The term “Drip”
Hello?! This is the URBAN dictionary, not Oxford English Lol. A drip is a cool and stylish outfit! Real simple.
Player 1: yo, peep my drip.

Player 2 : ... it’s aiight.
by Getemcatchem April 28, 2020

What is this phenomenon, where ‘Drip’ compels us to own it, keep it, observe it...? Marx called this ‘Commodity Fetishism’, a kind of reification of the commodity. “The value of a commodity originates from the human being's intellectual and perceptual capacity to consciously (subjectively) ascribe a relative value (importance) to a commodity, the goods and services manufactured by the labour of a worker.” (1) It is this conscious, subjective intellectual and perceptual capacity, I am celebrating in Drip ; Still Lifes and further stating that life energy does not die in the object but lives on and is able to create in us a compelling desire.
The Aura Conscious is the affect of this compelling desire. We can feel all that time, attention and consciousness in objects. The Aura Conscious is the distributed consciousness, a universal consciousness, a natural inclusiveness (2) which we all create, have agency over, which can be good, known and Seen. We are not isolated beings just liking stuff – that the very stuff has energy in it to be liked, we are receiving this energy, memories are held, time spent and invested in objects is held in an aura conscious. The attention, hundreds sometimes thousands of hours invested into an object, International Space Station for example, carries an energy of its own. How about a brand or an object from a brand, the thousands of hours invested into any one object? For those sceptics of this idea, if you were told an object was invested with proven intense negative energies would you keep it in your home?

The natural world contains a type of fascination, pull, magic, awe, an aura conscious, in a different sense. We cannot ‘own’ blossom or the rose but we can admire it deeply and want to recreate that admiration repeatedly. In Art the natural world is represented by the Still Life. The Still Life in this exhibition is reinterpreted: the McDonald’s hamburger (in Part II coming in December 2020), The International Space Station and the Barbie doll are the modern day still lifes.

Asked why Degard chose these companies and objects, Degard said “The exhibition is about objects I really love or admire in some way. Some are items I or my kids would like to buy, some are items I have bought! I wanted to choose companies, natural beauty, objects where it is obvious that there is this compelling draw to them, so other people could know what I mean when I say aura conscious” She goes on to say “think of those objects, things you love and how you feel about them – the memories they hold, the time and attention they hold for you – that is the aura conscious; that is Life’s energies!”
2 Degrees of Freedom, Dr Alan Rayner

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