Wallflower - 3D virtual exhibtion by FONT CONTEMPORARY


Tue, 06/26/2018 to Wed, 07/25/2018


Riebeek Kasteel, Western Cape, South Africa


Claudia explores natural form. Although her painting stems from the strength and potency of plant forms, it challenges the notion of what is Botanical Art. It is not about flowers or plants at all. It is not a botanical survey, nor is it intended to be photo-realistic, or even entirely representational. The subject matter is almost irrelevant. Claudia’s work is about form and structure, about balance, harmony and tension.
On careful observation through a micro setting, Claudia exposes the essence of the object, she reveals its core. The form is broken down into texture, contrasts and movement. Combining her taut, wound-up quality of painting technique with her bold, blown-up representations of these vital structures, her canvases burst open. The paintings bounce, they pulse, they throb.

selected works

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