Ghare Baire - Looking Beyond the City - 3D virtual exhibition by DAG

Ghare Baire - Looking Beyond the City

Fri, 06/26/2020 to Fri, 07/03/2020

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The fourth and final session of DAG Museum Walkthroughs in collaboration with Heritage Walk Calcutta explores the influence and the representation of the rural in the art of Bengal.

In the early-1900s, while painters of the Bengal School looked to forge a pan-Asian identity through art, a movement to recover fast-fading "folk" traditions of Bengal was already underway. The cumulative efforts of many eminent cultural activists resulted in a folk revival movement, which manifested itself in different ways. We look closely at the work of Sunayani Devi, Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose and Ramkinkar Baij in this context, to understand how they interpreted their roles as artist vis-à-vis rural lives and art practices.

A different mode of engagement is evident in the 1940s, particularly in response to the Bengal famine. Artists developed a new theory of societal responsiveness, and the works of Chittaprosad, Zainul Abedin and Gobardhan Ash make it evident that a romanticized engagement with rural life was no longer sustainable.

The current virtual exhibition, “Looking Beyond the City”, attempts to showcase these changes in the history of Bengal art, tracing the aesthetic and ideological turns that are visible in visual arts in the first half of the twentieth century.

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