Dominartist - 3D virtual exhibition by Galleries de la Maré London and International


Thu, 06/25/2020 to Fri, 09/25/2020

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Dominartist is a project funded by the Future's Venture Foundation. The exhibition explores feminine power and domination through the attributes of the dominatrix.
The Book of Dominartist is published along with this exhibition and is available to view for free or to order as a hard copy.


Through the power of the internet, I created a myth; a legend who would take over my life, whose existence became a shared experience with all she engaged with and an entity whose importance was, for a time, more important than my own.

I am a performance artist and filmmaker. For this project, I assumed a persona ‘The Golden Dominatrix'.

I wrote poems, took photographs, made films; I lived the art, becoming her as she became me, forever influenced and changed by our union. I convinced everyone I was her, even friends and family. I dressed like her, wore her makeup, walked and talked like her, and then I took her online.

This book is a collection of the images I made for the performance
over the three years from initial concept to completion. The images, usually only seen as two-inch squares on a phone screen, were used to build the myth.

The performance artwork is about shame and power, how they are linked. How women manage that power in a climate of coercive patriarchal control and how important image is on the intrinsic ideas of self, pride, virtue and inner struggle.

The Golden Dominatrix was always an illusion, free of clients and the exchange of money. However, through her, I have made many friends in the sex industry, women who share a bond through their manipulation of sexual power.

It was an absolutely fascinating period of my life, a life I made into art.

NB This exhibition will feature additional exhibits in the coming months.

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