ESCAPE PLAN | AFTERMATH - 3D virtual exhibition by R Gallery


Fri, 06/19/2020 to Fri, 07/03/2020

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The coronavirus outbreak in 2019 had caused economic and health crisis worldwide. The death toll increases while the desire to live deflates. This depressing time created not just fear and anxiety. It introduced us to an unknown terror and brought us to a bottomless pit of desperation.

This pandemic era teaches us not to flee from where we are but to confine ourselves in safety for us to survive.

For the next show, our featured contemporary artists exhibit visual arts that demonstrate ideas of survival through artistry and creativity. It highlights the optimistic approach on how to escape from desolation and bitter reality. It is an inspirational event that interprets art as a haven for refugees from dispiritedness.


Dreadful months have passed by since the beginning of the global pandemic crisis. It is a catastrophe that killed not just the lives of hundreds of thousands of people but millions of dreams and hopes as well.

An endless search for solutions and ways to survive are the coping mechanisms that humanity embraces. People still adhere to the possibility of a new future. And still longing for that opportunity to rebuild and live conventionally.

In this art show entitled, Aftermath, several contemporary artists exhibit their artworks to promote positivity and encouragement. Every piece of art serves as an inspiration to one's heart and soul, thus making it a symbol of motivation and hope. It conveys a message that even in the darkest times, a promise of a new beginning awaits us. Despite these setbacks, life itself has a silver lining for the current pandemic.

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