UNMASKED - The Impulse Movement - 3D virtual exhibition by .

UNMASKED - The Impulse Movement

Thu, 06/18/2020 to Fri, 07/24/2020

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I see nothing
I see everything
Locked out
Up and
Shed the skin
Hollow insides
Control and Chaos
The storm is brewing
All the being and the doing
Invisible and unseen.


Welcome to The Impulse Movement! We are an artist led collective putting on exhibitions in the UK; Co-founded by Ella Shepard and Charmagne Coble

As lockdown was announced Charmagne and Ella decided to team up to set up a collective and exhibition, to be released whilst everything exists in the digital rather than the physical. Art is something that can be used to express feelings surrounding a specific event and the artwork itself becomes a memory, forever documenting a period in time.

With the Covid-19 pandemic provoking various unsettling anxieties surrounding, healthcare, isolation and mental health the artists in The Impulse Movement’s first exhibition ‘Unmasked’ will be exploring themes and concepts linked with these unprecedented times.

The twelve artists taking part are as follows: Charmagne Coble, Ella Shepard, Shelly Cook, Jamie Gallagher, Ines Hermione Mulford, Laura Skog, Lewis Andrews, Virginia Tozzi, Ellen Paige Leach, Jonathan Armour, Susan Plover, Amanda Gordon

To find out more about The Impulse Movement follow the Instagram Page or subscribe to our mailing list by contacting

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