Un/Felt: 3D Forms in Fiber - 3D virtual exhibition by Viking Union Gallery

Un/Felt: 3D Forms in Fiber

Un/Felt presents artwork by Seiko Purdue’s ART363 course, 3D Forms in Fiber. The pieces included in this exhibition are all either textile installations or fiber sculptures; felt-making was a requirement. Each of the fourteen students responded either visually and/or conceptually to the work of a contemporary artist of their choice. Textile work often entices viewers to touch the material to confirm their assumption about the feeling of its form. For art works not intended to be touched, the desire to make contact with the material can manifest as a tactile sensation in the viewer. Created under remote guidance, the artworks featured in this virtual exhibition must also be viewed for the first time remotely. Their textures, scale, colors, and presence must be assumed from the other side of a screen, unfelt.

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