James "Dusty" Pendleton | Nocturne - 3D virtual exhibition by Slate Gray Gallery

James "Dusty" Pendleton | Nocturne

Thu, 06/11/2020 to Thu, 07/09/2020

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Twilight draws me into it. Dark seems to embrace me in the way that Marc Rothko would have understood. In the Hill Country, I find that the erosion of time is a metaphor perhaps of my own life. Think of it: an ancient sea bed, layers upon layers of the fossils of various sediments thrust upwards to the surface and then eroded so that there are rough and rugged hills, sporting Juniper forests and wildlife, gradually being worn down to boulders, rocks, gravel and finally a chalky white Caliche dust. I can put all of that in one image and populate it with someone whom I may have seen 60 years ago, but remember just how they looked, how they moved and quite often, just how they moved me.

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