Contemporary Earth Realities at Color by Design Studio Gallery - 3D virtual exhibition by Tina Alberni

Contemporary Earth Realities at Color by Design Studio Gallery

Sat, 10/01/2022 to Sun, 10/01/2023

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I am an American artist known for my large-scale, semi-abstract, vibrantly colored paintings.

I am concerned with the effects of humans on the planet and the state of endangered species.

I am moved by the rapid adoption of anthropocentrism and the number of species on the verge of extinction.

My work investigates all forms of life, but it focuses on the most vulnerable.

I interweave symbols with deep meanings referencing contemporary earth realities between layers of complex imagery, vibrant colors, and nature-inspired textures.

As an artist, I feel a deep responsibility to document today's world for future generations to learn from, but my immediate goal is to raise awareness, inspire change, and trigger action.

We live in an anthropocentric world where humans assume that all non-human life exists to serve them. A time where humanity’s impact is so profound that it has altered the course of this earth and all life on it. A planet where so much exists in chaos and perpetual conflict, filtered by technology, driven by consumption, and littered with environmental, political, economic, and socio-cultural chaos, all of our own making.

The stories in my work reveal deep truths that are difficult to view in a positive light. I vibrate with the narrative that humans, nature and technology can coexist in balance.

Through research and outreach, I have learned that there is always light on the other side of the dark, hence my use of vibrant colors and bold shapes symbolizing hope.

Automatism plays a major role in the development of my first layers. Each piece is born from chance and accidental mark making, where gesture and improvisation gain free rein and help activate the substrate. As I find patterns, pull ideas, shapes, vibrant colors and symbolism, mixed media layers and innovative techniques coalesce with intention into a semi-abstract final work.

In my last layers I infuse clusters of organized symbols referencing biology, chemistry, alchemy, technology, mathematics, pop culture, indigenous and ancient cultures and icons of my own.

Taking the time to create these clusters allows me to distill and digest chaos and literally open up space to breathe within the work and myself.

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