A Moment In Time - 3D virtual exhibition by Kit Schulte Art Consulting

A Moment In Time

Thu, 07/09/2020 to Mon, 08/31/2020

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"You can't understand. You're using the language of reason, not of the heart; you live in a world of abstractions."

Albert Camus, The plague


Since March, I was curious of how people experience the Covid 19 pandemic and found that there are many different ways lives were affected and numerous perspectives on the subject. Most artists continue to do their work despite external economic changes, in fact, a crisis can stimulate creative thinking processes. So, I asked some artists I know and work with what they worked on and how they felt during these last couple of months.

I was intrigued by this software and pulled together this exhibition showing one or multiple works of each artist with a statement giving insight to what they have been working on and contemplating about.

Once you enter, you'll be guide via arrows to walk around the space. When you stop in front of an artwork, a window will appear on the right with info and statement.

I hope you will find joy walking through this virtual space.

Yours, Kit Schulte

Works by:

Amber Stucke, Arngunnur Yr, Béatrice Gysin, Christa von Seckendorff, David Buckingham, David Fried, Justin Quinn, Katrin von Lehmann, Klara Hobza, Klari Reis, Marcel Schwittlick, Max Diel, Robert Linke, Sara Christensen, Songwen Sun-von Berg.

Many works are for sale. Prices listed include the now reduced German VAT.If you like more info or high resolution images of certain works, please email to

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