2008/2020 - 3D virtual exhibition by Temple University Rome


Mon, 06/15/2020 to Wed, 07/15/2020

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The Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, is pleased to present 2008/2020: Gretchen Bacheller, Benny Fountain, Ai Krasner, Fabian Lopez, Ryan Parker, an exhibition of five Alumni in the Visual Arts from Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), who spent their 2007-2008 academic year at the Rome Campus.

This exhibition is part of our ongoing series featuring TUR Alumni who spent a year in Rome, studying with the local faculty and learning about Italian artistic culture, and then returning to Philadelphia to complete their education. The years since receiving their MFA has seen them become distinguished artists and educators; exhibiting in the US and abroad; and bringing their memories of this early formative experience into their work.

The five artists in this exhibition came to Rome in the Fall of 2007, and remained through the Spring of 2008. They forged a lasting friendship based on their shared experience and artistic exchange. At the end of their stay, they exhibited in a group exhibition Tutti eccetto Gus… . They are reunited here for the first time with a selection of works from the 2008 exhibition, along with a representative synthesis of their artistic production over the years.

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