The Anvil and the Mass - 3D virtual exhibition by DUPUIS*

The Anvil and the Mass

Sat, 06/06/2020 to Wed, 09/06/2023

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About my cursed final major project. I’ve adopt the cardboard collage quite instinctively as previous studio 3D formal sculptures. I’ve choose puppetry as my art and design integration discipline. It’s manoeuvrable, theatral and kids friendly. The dragon scheme of my project involved memories and discipline. It’s my first full time degree as a student since the 2000’s. It has reconnect me with education, transfert and imagination. I never expected a succeed perseverant determination as my art and design project. It as answer on work something of my mind I’ve been searching for ages. All star !!!

The Anvil and The Mass is a formal side sculptures assembly representation of a passage sacrement. It’s a good hardship gift to the ones who kept me company.

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