DEEP SHADES - 3D virtual exhibition by District Gallery


Wed, 10/07/2020 to Tue, 11/03/2020

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During these extraordinary times, District Gallery is more than pleased to present the latest works of artists Nasser Lubay and Mark Copino in the exhibit titled Deep Shades. As a testament to the resiliency, reverence and recuperative spirit of the Filipino artist, this virtual exhibition is an expressive reassurance of the artists in the role each one of us plays in facing up to the challenges of the times.

Artist notes:

Nasser Lubay

In these works are depictions of my personal feelings on how I'm trying to live our new normal.

Waiting for the pandemic to be over seems unclear, moreso these would probably take a while. Most of us are trying to work on something just to keep us going. Some new ideas are being tried, and are even met with doubt and uncertainty. In most situations, there is a force that seem to resist every new idea that comes to mind.

I reckon that why don’t I try to utilize it instead of rejecting and letting every effort go to waste. I realized I needed to learn to accept challenges and learn from them, to move forward and become a better, wiser individual. After all, I am not perfect.

Adapting to this new system is not easy. I don't know what lies ahead, but having these constant fears and doubts will only bring out the worst in me.
With my best effort, I will have to face every adversity with mindfulness of other people's ideas and advocacies.

Mark "KDLT" Copino

Daydreaming in Marketplace's Suburbia

We sheltered and locked ourselves in our homes for months in the hopes of weathering out the threat of the pandemic from the outside world as the time of Corona has forced us to reexamine the essentials in our day to day lives and introduced us to the horizon ahead we call the new normal.

For me and my family, this shelter was this little room in a house turned collective studio space that is shared by the other artists up in the mountains. As society transitions into this way of living so do the need for me and my family to find our own space to meet with the new challenges ahead. Turning to Facebook's Marketplace, for months on end we started the daunting task of searching and inquiring into possible spaces that would be right for us.

Browsing through these spaces, I would often get lost in my head and imagine us living in these houses. I would play in my head scenarios, from the logistics of moving to making lists and going about our daily lives of new normal living filling each empty space with daydreams.

This series explores a few of those daydreaming as it tries to examine its correlation with needs, desire, security, and the concept of home in the time of Corona.

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