A Symphony of Photography and Painting


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Arts Crossroad Online Gallery

We are delighted to present an online exhibition that spotlights the extraordinary work of Vera Schumacher, an art photographer with a vision, hailing from Hannover, Germany. Her remarkable journey, filled with diverse experiences across continents, infuses her photography with a depth and richness that captivates the viewer.

A Life Woven into Art

Vera's path in the world of art and photography began in Russia, grew through her studies in journalism at Voronezh State University, was enriched by a 12-year adventure in South Africa, and took a creative turn when she settled in Germany in 2016. Each stage of her life has contributed a unique perspective to her work, making her photographs more than just images – they are stories told through the lens.

Finding Artistic Renewal During a Global Pause

When the world slowed down due to the pandemic, Vera embraced this period as an opportunity for artistic growth. She dedicated herself to a year-long program at the Moscow School of Photoart and further refined her skills with master classes at the prestigious Magnum Photos in Paris. This period of introspection and learning has greatly influenced her current works.

Blending Art Forms with Mastery

Vera Schumacher's art is distinguished by her innovative approach to blending photography with painting. She skillfully transforms her photographic works into painted canvas masterpieces, applying acrylics and varnishes to add texture and depth. This blend of mediums creates a stunning visual dialogue that captures not only the aesthetics but also the emotions and experiences behind each image.

Join us virtually and immerse yourself in the beauty and depth of her artistic expressions.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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