Global Horizons VIII - 3D virtual exhibition by Artio Gallery

Global Horizons VIII

Sun, 11/19/2023 to Sun, 11/26/2023

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"Global Horizons" is an ongoing artistic project featuring artists from around the world. We invite you to embark on a mesmerizing journey that transcends geographical confines, bringing together artists from diverse corners of the world. This exhibition stands as a vibrant celebration of artistic expression that knows no territorial bounds, where creativity flows uninhibited, and the human spirit soars freely across cultures and perspectives. Within this captivating collection, we proudly present a dazzling tapestry of works that bear witness to the boundless depths of human imagination. It underscores the resounding truth that within the realm of art, there exist no barriers—only an endless expanse of creative exploration, uniting us in a tapestry of shared human experiences.

David Anocibar
Maria Budnikova
Gerard Handgraaf
Eileen Healy
Edit Hermkens
István Jenő Kovács
Shelina Khimji
Mazvyde Sakal
Steluta Gutiu
Floare Muntean
Spegelaere Ralph
Dezső Tóth
Elena Turcan
Ruth Schmidt
Anastazja Dzik
Bartholomeus Langeveld
Albert Costa
Corina Dimitriu
Adam - Mielu
Petra Gotthardt
Konstantinos Spiropoulos
Gemma Pahissa
Myriam Véjus
Arunas Vilkevicius
Laurent La Rocca
Tom Maltone
Martin Safarik
Anne Persson Lucenius
Airida Milasauskiene
Maite Farreres
Marina Cavlina-Koch

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