Landcapes - 3D virtual exhibition by Collect Art


Sun, 03/05/2023 to Wed, 04/05/2023

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This exhibition presents a multifarious view of landscapes created by worldwide artists, under the theme of Landscapes. Expanding on landscape art in various genres, that reflect the diversity of landscapes and communities that inhabit it. The exhibition connects 19 artists and 85 artworks, different perspectives, and cultural backgrounds. Artists have explored all of nature’s offerings, and appreciation of nature for its own sake in different mediums, such as paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography, digital art, and performance art, with an eclectic mix of natural, urban, imaginative, and conceptual thoughts in it.

Presented artists: Lucrezia Di Carne, The Pure Image works, Yifan Li, Elke Bucher, David Yang, Jonathan Spencer, Naomi Even-Aberle, Aylal Heyderova, Celeste Drouin-Davis, Lewis Andrews, Regina Obregon, Sylvia Royal, Wendy Greaves, Kate Peel, Jordan Delmonte, Lisa Poulsen, Jessica Goodwin, Maka Zedelashvili, Olivia Durley.

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28 Feb 2023 to 28 Mar 2023

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