INFACESTROKADA - 3D virtual exhibition by Galerie Roberto


Wed, 05/20/2020 to Sat, 06/20/2020

curated by:

Cezar Arro

"In this show, it is indeed the incandescent female face that prevails and dominates, not only across Arro’s bristling canvases but in the entire gallery space. And while the women’s faces have indeed been wrought and stroked with heavy impastos, turned over this way and that, projected in triple views, or multi-angled, swathed in trowelled pigments, their gazes blurred, their eyes caught in distress, panic, or alarm, and naked with fear and anxiety, facial muscles contorted, their outlines misregistered – Arro invites us to savor the moment of each painting’s creation, and thereby witness the shifting gradations of emotions, splendid in their mobility, theatrical in their nobility, and regard the rich lusciousness of paint as the equivalence of human skin, and forthwith await the sumptuous pleasure of the female flesh. Indeed, it was the American Abstract Expressionist Willem de Kooning, famous for his “Women” series, who declared: “Flesh is the reason oil paint was invented.”'

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