Deeper Darker Waters - 3D virtual exhibition by Azzurro

Deeper Darker Waters

Thu, 12/01/2022 to Sun, 01/01/2023

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The second marine solo exhibition by the artist AZZURRO.

Nature has saved its strangest creations for the deep sea. They are the last to be discovered by manwho must go through significant obstacles to view the deep, dark depths these creatures inhabit.
Depths we are only just reaching, after all the time we’ve already spent on the planet and given
all that we already know. Down here daily life is dominated by either the pursuit or avoidance of
whatever happens to be lurking above and below. Despite their magnificent colouring and alien
appearance, these poor lonely individuals spend their time alone in total darkness, bumping into
each others’ tentacles and mouths. Some of these enigmas have only been photographed once or
twice- some have never even been drawn- so imagine what’s still down there yet to be encountered.
Unlike shark caging, skydiving or even visiting space, the deep abyss is something that none of us
will ever get to experience in the flesh in our lifetimes. No stories, songs or paintings from history
speak to the significance of these marine critters because they were not known to exist. We still
struggle to properly observe them- and certainly cannot do so alive and in-person. They truly swim
at the final frontier of what’s scientifically conceivable as possible for life in the natural world. It’s a
concept we reserve for the stars above in science fiction; but in outer space we have yet to hear even
a whisper of the deep sea’s abundance and diversity of life. We can only continue to conceive of such
living wonders, thanks to the action hunters who dive headfirst into the challenge of getting to know
life beneath the ocean’s surface; unfraid to stare boldly into deeper, darker, waters.

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