Darshan - 3D virtual exhibition by Blossom Art Agency


Tue, 11/15/2022 to Tue, 01/31/2023

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“Am I trying to seek something more powerful than us?”

Darshan, the title of the proposed exhibition, means a falling of light, the insight of a space. It is a Hindi word that comes from its Sanskrit root drish, which means ‘to see’ or ‘to view.’ This ongoing body of work is about seeking light. These photographs enable us to imagine a possibility of something magical in the world. Many of these photographs were made around sites of religious and mythological significance like shrines, temples, bodies of water, and forests. These places hold a history of ritual. People have been coming to these spaces for centuries to practice their beliefs. They come here to seek something bigger than themselves. This work is not about the specific religiosity of a place, instead uses these sacred sanctuaries as containers to present a constructed mythology. It intends to explore the mystery and memory of such places, offering an implicit presence in unclear absence.
To feel this subtle atmosphere, we want to exhibit the photographs in an intimate setting (like a small immersive room with curtains at entry & exit), with dark (black/anthracite) walls and soft neutral spotlights. The work would be displayed in a mosaic-like style (which could encircle all the walls in case of a small room). The materiality of the cyanotype and black and white prints is important to its exhibition. They would be float mounted in a frame with a slight margin.

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