Select Paintings by Arpana Caur - 3D virtual exhibition by Kumar Gallery

Select Paintings by Arpana Caur

Thu, 10/13/2022 to Wed, 11/30/2022

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Arpana Caur, now 68, has been exhibiting since 1974. She is an internationally renowned painter and sculptor who continues to astonish and enchant viewers with her work. Caur is a self-taught painter whose versatile literal and metaphoric approach to her subject matter embraces a range of themes inclusive of the material and spiritual worlds. Social, political, and environmental issues along with historic and current events inspire images of pain and despair as well as strength and compassion. Matters of spiritual and moral import are informed by her Sikh heritage as well as other spiritual traditions. Her collaboration with folk and tribal artists and study of traditional miniature and decorative painting weaves a sense of stylistic multiplicity through her work.

The present exhibition ‘Yatra to Yogi’ provides viewers a glimpse into Arpana Caur’s various images from her oeuvre, from spiritual masters and adepts such as The Buddha and Guru Nanak, to yogis and yoginis, to embroiders of time, and even weavers of water.

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