1st Edition I BAROQUE PASSION - 3D virtual exhibition by Art Empire Gallery


Fri, 09/23/2022 to Tue, 11/01/2022

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The 1st Edition I Solo Exhibition of the ART EMPIRE GALLERY shows a selection of works by the German artist Jason Engelbart. Inspired by the baroque masterpieces of the 17th century, Jason Engelbart creates his sacred-abstract digital neo paintings from his extensive cycle of works THE JOY OF BEING. The underlying historical works experience a current perceptual dimension and at the same time the impression of déjà vu arises when viewing the abstract paintings. Through his characteristic form of a digital painting process, the abstract restaging of Baroque painting, Engelbart builds a finely balanced bridge to contemporary art without disenchanting.

Engelbart describes his artistic practice as being driven by his search for the perfect moment, "the moment of perfect love and the divine". His pieces invite viewers to consider the spaces of our lives that we can perceive at a subtle level, but that which we often forget or ignore in our day-to-day. His oeuvre of digital neo paintings has been honored with numerous awards, most recently the 4ART World Award in 2021. His works are shown in numerous national and international exhibitions, such as Amory Art Weeks New York, Art Basel Miami, Swiss Art Expo Zurich, Lucca Art Fair Italy and more.

Each fine art gallery print of Jason Engelbart comes with subsequent framing on alu dibond and a final acrylic high-glossy sealing. It is strictly limited to one big size original, personally signed and is handed over with a certificate of authenticity.

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