Dave Webb - Twilight Kaleidoscope - 3D virtual exhibition by Martin Delaney & Lily Lucia Gallery

Dave Webb - Twilight Kaleidoscope

Mon, 07/18/2022 to Mon, 08/29/2022

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Twilight Kaleidoscope is a collection of images exploring themes of perspective, reflection, colour and humour. Mainly shot in early or late light, for the colours and shadows, in East London. Milton Keynes and Ramsgate.

Dave Webb is a self taught amateur photographer who mainly takes pictures with a mobile phone, although sometimes he has been known to use an analogue camera on special occasions. He likes to experiment with perspective, reflection, colour and humour whilst drifting around urban backwaters. He is interested in how light and shadow distort through the digital lens, especially when the camera is pointed straight at the light source. He puts images on Instagram (@rockballard), and also many are used as images for his other, musical projects: &

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