SOS (Save Our Ship, Save Our Souls) - 3D virtual exhibition by Galleria Duemila Inc.

SOS (Save Our Ship, Save Our Souls)

Sat, 05/07/2022 to Tue, 05/31/2022

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Galleria Duemila presents a solo exhibition of abstract paintings from interdisciplinary artist Jon Cuyson. SOS is part of an ongoing body of work from the artist who works in the intersection of painting, installation and film.

The exhibition features paintings and collage works that explore horizontality, materiality and abstraction. In the current context of chaos and anxiety, his works investigate and claim horizontality as a form of resistance to verticality.

The artist builds layers of acrylic paint and marks on the canvas, repeating and revising in order to build densities in the surface resulting in an interplay of receding and advancing geometric abstract compositions. Consistent with his interest in the narrative of the sea, Jon Cuyson borrows the maritime code distress signal, SOS (Save Our Ship, Save Our Souls), as exhibition title, and to serve as a conceptual anchor in the paintings that reveal a restrained form of
poetic urgency.

“While these paintings were created amidst a period of increasing uncertainty, I consider them to be proposals for contemplation. Much like the sea, these works are symbolic containers of my internal desires and fears, and can be viewed as sites for thinking and self-reflection.” - Jon Cuyson

Jon Cuyson received his MFA from Columbia University in New York in 2010 and has exhibited locally and internationally, including the group exhibition Motions of This Kind in London in 2019. SOS will open on May 07, 2022 at Galleria Duemila.

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