Is This Hope? - 3D virtual exhibition by Kato Wong Gallery

Is This Hope?

Fr, 06/24/2022Sa, 08/27/2022

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We put out an open call for a group exhibition about communication. But the submissions I received were so diverse, so clever, so educational, so different.
I decided to change the exhibition to include everyone who inspired me with their work.

Artists from London, Italy, Iran, India, South Africa. Mostly new artists. Many of them have never been exhibited before. The installation process reminded me of the power of art. The power to unite across boundaries of race, culture, country and practice.

I felt educated by the work. I could relate to their dedication. I was moved by their courage.

So I wondered about hope. Do we feel hope when we experience the exhibition? If we do, what do we do next? If we don't, why?

This exhibition is a unique collection of hard work, mostly unknown artists from around the world. I hope you enjoy it, I hope it makes you think. I hope it makes you think about hope and what we all do next.

Kato Wong.
June 2022.

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