1-54 New York - 3D virtual exhibition by Afikaris

1-54 New York

Mi, 05/06/2020Sa, 05/30/2020

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Entitled “Contemporary gazes” Afikaris’ virtual booth aims to shed light on the vision that four different artists have of the world and their country. As Henri Bergson pointed out, the artist is, here, the person who, beyond expressing reality, disturbs and invites viewers to challenge their vision. Salifou Lindou, Raphaël Adjetey Adjei Mayne, Ousmane Niang and Nyaba Ouedraogo, each through their specific practice, narrate the story of their country, alternately focusing on specific aspects of their culture, traditions, and society. They mix contemporary history with their own roots, writing all together a new story and proposing new reading avenues. Thus, they contrast their country’s history or traditions within a globalized world, dealing with contemporary issues.

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