Alexandra Pustovit (Mr Vibem) / curated by Margo Grant - 3D virtual exhibition by IMDRart

Alexandra Pustovit (Mr Vibem) / curated by Margo Grant

Sa, 04/25/2020Sa, 07/25/2020

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The young artist Mr.Vibem started her creative career at the age of 16 in Miami where she had the first introduction to the artistic process on the lessons with local artists. This moment changed the direction of her life. A young girl fell in love with the opportunity to express her thoughts and feelings through art: painting, digital animation, and graffiti.

Traveling around the world gave Alexandra the opportunity to study the culture, traditions, religions of different countries and communities, to visit museums and historical places. The most inspiring for her was the art of surrealists. She sees the modern world through the eyes of an 18-year-old girl - the way of the connection of times and generations through mysticism.

The artist looks at the modern world through the prism of creativity, the modern world is full of surprises and instability. For example, today's pandemic situation that is unexpected for the whole world, the complete collapse of all our plans and expectations. Much has to be rethought, zeroed out somewhere, start all over from scratch. In her paintings, she tries to express simultaneously the instability of this world with the possible values of every day - the ability to enjoy every day and to consider that it is not always visible outside.

Without academic education, the artist expresses her thoughts in an original style that can be called: “Without Borders”. Our world has no boundaries, like art, we are people of mood, emotions, and impressions, our views are multifaceted, which is probably why Mr. Vibem's paintings are versatile and not similar to each other. The inability to trace one clear style of the artist is probably its hallmark.

“It seems to us that we know how the system around us works, we know how the world in which we live is arranged. This is actually not true. We can only imagine a certain picture, adjust it for ourselves. Human life can be compared to the process when caterpillars create a cocoon, the environment where we will pass our lives. Those who succeed in breaking this cocoon in the future have a whole new perspective. They understand that they know only the smallest part of the truth. New facets open for them and bring consciousness to a whole new level. This is what I’m trying to do all my life to break a cocoon to get into another reality. My paintings show this struggle, show which facets I have already seen, which ones I have not. Walk this path with me.” - Mr.Vibem said.

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