+62361: Unfolding The Current Ripple - 3D virtual exhibition by Asosiasi Galeri Seni Rupa Indonesia

+62361: Unfolding The Current Ripple

Sa, 09/11/2021Mo, 10/04/2021

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+62361 : Unfolding The Current Ripple

The exhibition is a visual presentation of the resonances that mark as traces of the current evolution in the artistic and aesthetic explorations in the +62361 area. The presentation displays diverse directions of materials explorations and visual languages conceived by 11 artists residing and working in the island. While, for the most part, contemporary writings and the range of optical appreciations captured from visual art in Bali are still linked to personal and social thematic narratives, it is important to narrate the layers of the artistic processes from the artworks. By navigating through this current, the showcase in the exhibition is a ripple of the contrasting conversations offered by each artist’s work that hopes to unfold a wider reflection of the current artistic and aesthetic developments in Bali.

The conversations in “+62361 : Unfolding the current ripple” is presented through sculptures, paintings, graphics and drawings works which are voiced from various technical approaches and the make use of materials in relation to the artists’ personal experiences in their respective social environments. As a result, their artistic output is also versed by various forms of lived experience, which has evolved over the years along with the recent developments in the region. The recombinant of artistic and personal experience renders elements and traces that hope lead us to understand more of the familiar, and perhaps some that are still foreign, features we’ve might had come across with in Bali. Questions that arise here today and might seems be gone tomorrow have always become the basis that artists examine in their works. As a result, in channelling their expressions and utilising mediums, artists move forward not to alienate or compound artwork within the momentary, but rather the artwork itself is moulded to transmit the present and the possibilities embedded in the artwork.

Asikin Hedi Nabali

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