Help Me, I’m Dying! - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery 409

Help Me, I’m Dying!

Fr, 05/01/2020Fr, 07/31/2020

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McLaughlin believes that we live in a world where many individuals are struggling internally, and many people wouldn’t know the difference. In the show, Help Me, I’m Dying, Matt uses millennial satire and bright colors to draw attention to his own view of self. His work uses self-portraiture, illustration, and typography to reflect upon his own difficulties trying to live out the human experience. Everyone has experienced their own struggles and traumas; but we are left to wonder if we are doing enough to help ourselves when no one else will help us.

“The show I think really brings some light to some dark themes that have occurred in my experiences as a human navigating life. I have never really been big into expressing my feelings and I often have a very hard time putting those feelings into words. However, with this show it has allowed me to process some things that I don’t believe that I have ever thought of until I was working through it, making each individual piece,” McLaughlin stated. “I think it’s hard putting yourself out there for people to critique and judge. Yet,I figured that since I was given the unique opportunity of doing a solo exhibition as a senior at the college that I should make it memorable and really push myself to let myself create something that shows my skills, as well as, my own unique style and humor.”

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