Intuitive Abstraction: Caroline Killoury, Beatrice Nespega & Pamela Woods - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

Intuitive Abstraction: Caroline Killoury, Beatrice Nespega & Pamela Woods

Di, 09/07/2021Mo, 02/07/2022

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Caroline Killoury is a British Irish painter currently living and working in the UK. Prior to graduating in 2020 with a Masters in Fine Art from the Reading School of Art, Caroline spent her childhood living around the world before moving to London in her late teens intending to study painting. But side-tracked by a chance encounter she spent a couple of decades or so in the music business managing the careers of bands, singers, DJs and producers before finally picking up on her studies in 2018 and pursuing work as a full-time artist.

Richly imagined and loosely abstracted, Caroline's vibrant and intuitive paintings are rooted in the natural world and exuberantly and unapologetically colour soaked, inspired by the environs of the Middle East and Southern Europe where she grew up.

Working mainly with oil paint, its materiality and slow drying properties allow Caroline to take an almost geological path as she variously applies, scrapes back, reapplies, stretches, sculpts and pushes the paint to create energetic, complexly textured, multi layered sumptuous works.
July 2021.

I see artmaking as a process of discovering, creating new experiences
and bringing back memories…
My art wants to stimulate imagination and awaken creativity

I am an Italian architectural designer professionally and an abstract painter by passion based in London (UK).Art, Architecture and Lighting are the main disciplines through which I’ve been able to deeply investigate human psychology and visual perception.
My painting artwork starts from creating colours taking inspiration from my memories, travels or photographs and intuitively applying them into the canvas, letting the painting grow and transform in its own skin. The compositions unfold over a period of time through the process of adding and removing marks, by combining intuitive and active gestures with considered refinement. I mainly work with acrylic and charcoal, experimenting with tools that can leave unpredictable marks on the surface such as recycled materials, sponges, ribbons, rags, leaves, sticks, etc. My background in architecture and lighting design helps me to visually balance the elements such as colour relationships, light, dark, scale, composition, bringing harmony and letting the different types of marks relate to each other.

instagram: beppilu

THE INTUITIVE ABSTRACTION course consisted of full immersive days incorporating experimentation, playfulness, technical guidance and discussion designed to develop you as an abstract painter. During 20 -21 the course was taught by Johanna Melvin and Alexander James Pollard. For 21-22 the course will be taught by Johanna Melvin and Jennifer Campbell.

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