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A Solo show by: SONJA HODGE

JIRNDI /jirdi/ n.

Leaf; leafy branch, bush (in sense of leafy branch).

We are hournered to be hosting Sonja Hodge’s long-awaited solo exhibition JIRNDI at Blak Dot Gallery for NAIDOC week themed Healing Country. Jirndi is a Lardil word for leaf/leafy branch, which is a prevalent symbol used throughout Sonja’s artwork. The leaves reflect the growing journey of identity through reconnecting with family members and the importance of caring for, and healing, Country.

Sonja expresses her identity as a Lardil and Yangkaal woman through her strong designs of wreaths, leaves, waterways and figures, which speaks to her Aboriginality and the pride she feels for the resilience of her people.
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SONJA HODGE - Lardil and Yangkaal woman

Sonja is a Mildura-based artist and printmaker born in Meekatharra WA in 1969. Sonja grew up in Perth, WA and moved to Melbourne in 1990. After working and studying in Melbourne she relocated to Mildura in 1996. Sonja has a studio space at The Art Vault where she works in the areas of printmaking, painting, silversmithing and multi-media work where she explores her connection with culture, family, friends and the world around her.

During the 90s, Sonja worked on many public art projects and exhibitions around the City of Melbourne, including the Swanston Street Walk Public Art Project and Can’t See For Lookin’. Throughout her career, Sonja has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, such as Shiny Shiny Blak Bling and Tribal Expressions, with the Melbourne Fringe Festival, the Koorie Heritage Trust, Alcaston Gallery, Wartook Studio Gallery and The Art Vault. She has also worked in various arts sectors in curating and collections, which has guided her journey into branching into working full-time as an artist.

Sonja’s printmaking journey began with the encouragement from Bill Young and Anita Lawrence, who suggested her painting designs would translate into the intricacy of Lino printing. In 2012, she undertook an Indigenous Visual Arts Residency, funded by Regional Arts Victoria at The Art Vault to work alongside artist Ros Atkins and Master Printmaker Peter Lancaster, to develop her practice into incorporating multi block and reduction Lino printing and Lithography. Currently, Sonja sits on the Board at Arts Mildura.

JIRNDI is a culmination of Sonja’s extensive artistic practice, which includes her beginnings in painting to her expansion into printmaking. Since the 80s, her contribution to the presence of Aboriginal women's art in contemporary spaces, and in education, in South-East Australia is reflected in her passion for supporting emerging and mid-career regional artists. Sonja's creative journey has shaped not only her skills in the arts but also as a Blak woman in so-called Australia.

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