Welcome to What The Pop! 2021 - 3D virtual exhibition by YES Employment + Entrepreneurship

Welcome to What The Pop! 2021

Fr, 08/06/2021Fr, 12/31/2021

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Welcome to the What the Pop! 2021 Virtual Gallery that celebrates and showcases 46 emerging artists from across Quebec.

The gallery has been designed to increase visibility for our local artists and allow art collectors and enthusiasts to purchase original local art. Now is more important than ever to buy local and support Quebec’s emerging artists.

Click on any image to read the artist’s bio, and visit their website to see more of what they do.

Like what you see? You can also attend What the Pop! In person, meet the artists and see their work on select Saturdays in August and September. Visit today to learn more.

What the Pop! 2021 is hosted by YES Employment + Entrepreneurship with support from the Government of Canada.

We recommend you follow the "Guided Tour" for a smooth experience. Enjoy the tour!

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