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Do, 06/17/2021So, 07/04/2021

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Hatch/hatʃ/ - Playing with the threads.

Those needles seem sometimes magical, like the hands of my friends and compañeras. I try to copy the moves like a surgeon closing the skin after it breaks. We are used to repairing each other’s wounds through very simple words “yo te creo” (I believe you).

Joining in the song even if some times we don’t speak the same language.

I project their hands, which are now synonymous with healing caresses, while I feel all my beliefs falling and breaking down. It’s a great pleasure and a horrible pain inside my body.

We heal in (de)constructing.

Now that voice gets stronger cause it’s multiplied and tears of emotion fall when I realise that what we changed is irreversible we will not be the same as yesterday and we will not be the same tomorrow

And you will never be alone anymore, now we have each other.



female name

1. tr. To cross the threads of the weft between those of the warp, to weave some fabric.

2. tr. Disposing or cunningly or maliciously preparing an entanglement, deception or treason.

3. tr. Skilfully arrange the execution of anything complicated or difficult.

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Solo exhibition by: Alejandra Lena Becerra Draghi

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