Origines - 3D virtual exhibition by Afikaris


Di, 04/28/2020Mo, 05/25/2020

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In the context of the international health crisis that questions the notion of borders, Afikaris proposes to feature the work of five African artists: Asiko, Ibrahim Ballo, Roméo Mivekannin, Jean David Nkot and Marc Posso, whose practice tends to question or inspire their culture, identity and the very notion of borders.
In the context of cultural globalization, migratory fluidity, and universal crisis, is there sense in being attached to a territory? What is the artist’s place in this cultural amalgamation? While artists like Dalila Dalléas Bouzar, Gastineau Massamba or Ivanovic Mbaya do not wish to be considered as “contemporary African artists” in order to stand out as artists in a globalized world, others pay tribute to their roots through their work and aim to be the witnesses of the history of their country. The artworks by the five artists deal, each in their own way, with the notion of territory and roots.

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