From the Land: Indigenous Ecological Art for a New Era - 3D virtual exhibition by Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

From the Land: Indigenous Ecological Art for a New Era

Exhibition Statement

Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples have had a deep connection with these lands. These lands provided them with everything they needed to survive. The original inhabitants of these lands practiced gratitude for what was provided to them. Animate and inanimate objects had spirits, and plants and animals had their own nations. It is a worldview from which we could all benefit, to appreciate the interconnection of all beings, the lands on which they reside, and how they function within the ecological system as a whole. Everything is connected. Every action has a consequence. Actions taken now will impact the generations to come. The past is connected to the future.

“From the Land: Indigenous Ecological Art for a New Era” focuses on the historical and changing relationships between Indigenous peoples and the land. The artworks focus on ecological interrelationships and dynamics, the employment of natural materials, traditional artwork styles made using new types of media, environmentalism, and remediation by diverting garbage from the landfill. The purpose of this exhibition is for people think about their own relationship with this land. What is your own role within this ecosystem and how can you better coexist, so that seven generations from now, when we are all ancestors, we minimize the ecological impacts for our descendants.

Sponsored by ATB Financial and Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society.

Autumn Whiteway (Night Singing Woman), Curator
Miriam Fabijan, Exhibition Coordinator

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