Ben Baal-Bowdler: ReGenerations - 3D virtual exhibition by Martin Delaney & Lily Lucia Gallery

Ben Baal-Bowdler: ReGenerations

Do, 05/06/2021Mo, 06/07/2021

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ReGenerations is a visual arts project exploring the relationship between the organic and inorganic, the animate and inanimate, and the environments in which they exist. The images are caught moments in time, of life cycles; of life and decay co-existing in juxtaposition.
Much of my work focuses on place and time and this project reiterates this. Sometimes we only have a moment to experience something, and if our focus is not present then that moment of experience is lost; those “blink and you miss it” moments. Each image is a caught moment.
The rules of engagement for this project are to identify and capture a moment within a five-minute window and then allow up to an hour to manipulate them. Each image is supported by location data. Moments within moments; cycles within cycles.
All images captured on an Apple iPhone SE. All images are manipulated mixed media.
All images in this exhibition ©2021 Ben Baal-Bowdler

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