Tra(n)ce - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery 40


Mo, 05/03/2021Mi, 06/30/2021

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All our faculties come from sensations. In this series of paintings, Tiantian explored how to square the subjective nature of lived experience with the spiritual, inherently unknowable world. Tiantian has a fascination with perceiving the bond to the world through Bodies. By softy painted figures and liquidly flowing halos, which are her favored elements, Tiantian interprets a mysterious personal universe and typifies her desire to make sense of the unknown.

Tiantian embraces her spirituality. One of the elements that often appear in her works is a faint, transparent, and flowy flash, with rhythms both deliberately and unintentionally. The glorious movement is like breathing, suggesting vivid vitality, attaching objects, nature, and human bodies, tenderly but irresistibly connecting them, as Tiantian’s favorite poem: “I am integral with you…. I too am of one phase and of all phases.” Tiantian’s works imagine a world in which all things are naturally intertwined with emotions, even empathy with each other. She tries to appease perpetual anxiety for the spirits. Viewers are invited to trance, – ajar—secure-- serene.

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