The Line - 3D virtual exhibition by artguy

The Line

Paul Klee once said "Take a line for a walk..." . I have ruminated on that statement for years. I even curated an exhibit in its' name, and yet I have as yet no complete resolution to the depth and validity of its' meaning.
In this series of paintings as it has been for every previous series that I have endeavoured on, there has been a quandary to resolve. Not all postulations have a linear outcome, but this one does.
Not all lines like roads lead to Rome. As you can see in these paintings the differences are many and complex. They all are an expression of my body and mind, neither of which react the same way to each blank canvas before me. When I refer to my body I have to make it clear that my body's expression is integral to the making of these works.
I have as Jackson Pollock, and others I am sure, painted these on the floor and running or dripping the paint off of a stir stick. I noticed in a film of Jack at work that there is a dance to this technique which has intrigued me to the point of looking at painting as a practice of action and movement. So now the body becomes a tool of the painter.
Thinking of this technique gave me cause to consider the line as something with a dynamic nature, not one that is static. So now I have given the nature of the series a place in my mind and then expressed it, not just with my hand and eye, but in fact with my whole body. Now mind and body work in complete concert.
I have concluded that taking a line for a walk is slow and ponderous. the artist plots it's every move with careful consideration of mind eye and hand. It can be a brisk walk, but the line's walk tends to go from point A to point B. There may be digressions but there is still intent. Add the rest of the body and the line is a swirling dervish. A dance that can lose control. It becomes primordial. The lines resolves to remain unresolved.

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