Napkin Gallery - 3D virtual exhibition by BCG Henderson Institute

Napkin Gallery

Fr, 03/12/2021Di, 03/12/2024

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Innovation starts with imagination – and we need it now more than ever. This “Napkin Gallery” seeks to celebrate the messiness of early-stage ideas, drawing its name from the apocryphal (and sometimes literal) table napkins upon which many were drawn.

The sketches or prototypes featured in the gallery below represent the moment a world-changing idea crossed from the mind into reality. Observe the magic of how they were formed – the accidents, analogies, and anomalies that provided inspiration; the frustrations and aspirations that their founders solved for; and the humble origins and early failures of many great companies and products we recognize today.

Use this gallery to draw inspiration for reimagining your own company, by reminding yourself of how even world-changing ideas often start out messy, unrealistic, and unsupported. What new ideas emerge from the minds in your own organization and create new realities?

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